How can business effectively look for new trade channels and business partners abroad in the conditions of existing quarantine restrictions and closed borders? Online tools, such as a sourcing platform recently launched by the Export Promotion Office of Ukraine, can be a rescue.


The sourcing platform is an online catalog of proven Ukrainian producers of goods and services, where foreign companies can easily find a reliable supplier among registered Ukrainian companies. The catalogue is updated on a daily basis and includes only trustworthy companies, whose information has been verified.


"The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the behavior of not only consumers but also sellers or exporters, prompting an increase in demand for available online B2B platforms. Currently, the Export Promotion Office's sourcing platform is an effective tool for finding partners online, and we offer everyone to take advantage of available opportunities.

Already today, 400+ Ukrainian companies have registered in the catalog. And we invite others to join the sourcing platform and present information about themselves and their products to foreign partners," said Tatiana Miskova, Acting Director of the Export Promotion Office.


Ukrainian companies can register on the sourcing platform through the personal account on the Export Promotion Office website by selecting the "Sourcing" service and filling in the necessary information in English about the company and the product:


Foreign companies do not require registration and can start looking for their potential Ukrainian partner by following the link: .


For additional information or help, please contact the Office specialist Valentyna Liashenko by e-mail: