UABT met the requirements to officially represent the interests of the Ukrainian business at the EU institutions on a permanent basis


The Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA) is one of the first business associations in Ukraine with a permanent office in the EU who became officially authorized to represent the interests and position of its members - Ukrainian exporters at the EU institutions. UABT earned this opportunity as a result of its registration as a non-profit association under the Belgian law in the EU Transparency Register. 

The registration at the EU Transparency Register enables companies, business associations and non-governmental organizations to maintain an official dialogue with the EU institutions, to participate in public consultations set up by the institutions as a part of the legislative process in order to take account of the views of the civil society, as well as to present information about themselves to third parties in a transparent and impartial manner. 

Such practice of representing business interests is in line with strict requirements for lobbyist activities established by the EU institutions and corresponds to the best practices of collaboration and dialogue between the European business and government institutions. Therefore, the introduction of a culture of "European lobbying" for Ukrainian business is logical and appropriate, given the European integration aspirations of Ukraine.

Currently, the  EU Transparency Register holds data about more than 30 000 companies, associations and NGOs working on a day-to-day basis with the European Institutions. The registered organizations have pledged to adhere to the Registry Code of conduct, to regularly update information about priorities of their dealings with the institutions, authorized representatives as well as funds spent to maintain their activities.


More information about the Register and how it works can be found here: