UBTA represented the interests of Ukrainian exporters at a public consultation of the European Commission on the carbon tariff


October 28, this year The Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTА) presented to the European Commission the position of Ukrainian exporters regarding a potential new regulatory trade measure - the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM). The relevant materials were submitted to Brussels as part of an international public consultation launched by the European Commission in late July with representatives of European and international business, exporters, government institutions of the EU Member States, and key trade partners of the EU.

The consultation, which lasted almost three months, aimed to involve all stakeholders in policy development and identify opportunities and challenges for the future of the CBAM. The European Commission is expected to take into account the comments and suggestions during the preparation of the EU draft law on CBAM, which is scheduled to be discussed in the second quarter of 2021.

According to Nazar Bobytski, Head of the UBTA Brussels Office, the active participation of Ukrainian exporters in the European Commission's initiative was extremely important, as “On the one hand, the EC survey gave us a better understanding of the European Commission's possible options in international trade. On the other hand, it allowed Ukrainian businesses to competently present their position as a stakeholder at the very beginning of the process of drafting EU legislation, in order to further persuade the EU institutions to listen to their point of view through accessible dialogue channels. At stake - a significant part of Ukrainian exports, especially such sensitive industries as metallurgy, building materials (cement), electricity, to our key market. Therefore, UABT played on the lead and submitted proposals that reflect the consolidated position of Ukrainian exporters. "

The Government of Ukraine has announced ambitious plans to start a dialogue with Brussels on our country's participation in the European Green Deal, which aims to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and help make the European continent climate-neutral by 2050. The introduction of CBAM has been identified as one of the central elements of the European Green Deal. Therefore, a clear, reasoned and, most importantly, the timely position of Ukrainian exporters should significantly strengthen the Government's position in this dialogue.

The text of the position document of UABT can be found at the link.