The status of an authorized exporter as a real mechanism for improving trade relations with the EU - international conference


On February 18, the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine, Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA), Association of Exporters and Importers “ZED”, Coordination Council for Production and Logistics Issues held the first International Conference on Authorized Exporters Activity.

The event brought together government officials from key ministries and departments, business associations, international partners, as well as more than 150 Ukrainian exporters developing trade relations with the European Union, a key trade partner.

During the opening speech, Oleh Uruskyy, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine, mentioned that the further development of exports to the EU and the support of domestic exporting producers remains as one of the ministry's priorities. 

"For us, the status of the authorized exporter is a model of commitment to Ukraine's industrial growth, it is the embodiment of the idea of European integration and recognition of our products in a highly competitive European market," Oleh Uruskyy said.

Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine - Trade Representative of Ukraine noted that the authorized exporter status is very much in line with the industrial policy of the European Union, which includes the idea that production chains should be as close as possible to the EU. 

"I am glad that the story about authorized exporters, which a few years ago seemed purely theoretical, has moved into practical implementation. In a month, on March 16-17, there will be an industrial dialogue between Ukraine and the European Union. We will also talk about the industrial strategies of the EU and Ukraine, climate change and the strengthening of industrial cooperation. The development of the institute of authorized economic operators in this context is incredibly significant," Taras Kachka believes.

Yurii Petrovskyi, Deputy Minister of European Integration of the Ministry for Strategic Industries of Ukraine expects that in the future more than 15,000 Ukrainian exporters will be able to obtain the status of an authorized exporter for the EU market. "The work has just started, only 272 companies have received this status. The number will grow as we have plenty of Ukrainian businesses with quality products and excellent reputation," he said.

Dmytro Los, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA), drew the attention of the audience to the opportunities and challenges facing Ukrainian exporters in the context of increasing their presence in the European market. First, the risks associated with the European Green Deal implementation.

"Green Deal issues have an impact on all key sectors of Ukrainian economy without exception. In the case of an additional EU tariff, Ukrainian products may become uncompetitive in Europe. We have repeatedly addressed the office of Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna, Prime Minister Denys Shmygal, with our vision of possible overcoming of risks for exporters in the context of the Green Deal and we are glad that government officials are ready to listen to the voice of business," Dmytro Los stated.

Only the common stand of exporters, business associations, the government and the parliament will strengthen the position of the Ukrainian business community in the EU and solve a number of production and logistics problems currently facing exporters, Serhyi Svystil, Head of the Coordination Council for Production and Logistics Issues summed up.

As the result of the conference, a consolidated position of exporters will form on the main problems that arise in businesses obtaining the status of authorized exporters. This position will be communicated to key Ukrainian ministries and agencies.