European Commission guidelines on extending restrictions of non-essential travel: June 15 as a new deadline


We share with you the second set of the European Commission guidelines regarding restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU, made public on May 8. 

Key guidelines take-aways:


  • The Commission recommends to the Member States to prolong restrictions for non-essential travel to the EU (including the UK, if it decides to align) and associated Schengen participating states (Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Lichtenstein) for citizens of third countries until June 15;
  • The Commission proposes to establish exemptions from travel restrictions for the EU andSchengen participating states’ nationals and their family members, third country nationals legallyresiding in the EU, as well as for the following categories of persons:


    • healthcare professionals, health researchers, and elderly care professionals; 
    • frontier workers; 
    • seasonal workers in agriculture; 
    • transport personnel; 
    • diplomats, staff of international organisations, military personnel and humanitarian aid workers in the exercise of their functions;
    • passengers in transit; 
    • passengers travelling for imperative family reasons; 
    • persons in need of international protection or for other humanitarian reasons 
  • The proposed date is tentative. The Commission suggest to carefully monitor the epidemiological situation and adjust further decisions with regard to restrictions easing.  
  • Easing of travel restrictions to the EU should follow the respective coordinated decisions to easerestrictions on movement of persons inside the EU Internal Market;
  • The Commission recommends to the Member States to closely coordinate their subsequentdecisions on travel restrictions after June 15.


It is important to understand that the Commission guidelines have a non-binding character and can betaken up by the EU Member States on a voluntary basis. The Ukrainian citizens are recommended to monitor decisions of immigration authorities of individual EU Member States with regard to travel restrictions.  


More information about the European Commission guidelines is available here: