Leading business associations led by UBTA call on the Ukrainian Government to establish a working group to mitigate the risks associated with Ukraine's international climate commitments


Key business associations, led by the Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA), representing the leading sectors of the Ukrainian economy, are extremely concerned about the situation regarding two main elements of Ukraine's international climate commitments: the Second Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC2) under the Paris Climate Agreement and the position of Ukrainian Government in the dialogue with the EU on the European Green Deal.

Unfortunately, the three NDC2 scenarios that were presented by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine on November 26, 2020, had been modelled with little regard for current circumstances in the Ukrainian economy.

The UBTA has repeatedly stated that NDC2 should be realistic and feasible for the economy at large as well as for key business sectors. Otherwise, Ukraine may face significant social and economic problems.

In addition, ill-considered NDC2 may complicate the dialogue between Ukraine and the EU, the biggest Ukrainian export market. It may lead to both reputational damage and potentially significant business losses for Ukrainian exporters due to new trade barriers in the EU markets arising out of implementation of the European Green Deal.

The business associations call on the Government to take the necessary steps to prevent the worst outcome and to establish a cross-sectoral working group to finalize NDC2, taking into account the objectives of Ukraine’s sustainable economic development.