Ukrainian farmers are rapidly transforming their activities and focusing on the production of finished products for the end consumer. At the same time, the issue of their own products sale is arising. The retail market is a special one where each retail network or processor has its own requirements for suppliers, and these requirements are not always easy to find.

However, the demand for Ukrainian products is only growing. Therefore, to improve the position of domestic manufacturers and to ensure that their product reaches the consumer's kitchen, the Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA) in partnership with the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) implements a sub-grant of the USAID Agriculture and Rural Development Support Program (ARDS) – Retail guidebook.

The Retail guidebook will be designed to facilitate access to market information, listing the systemic players in the agricultural market and their requirements for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of agricultural manufacturers. The project is developed for agricultural manufacturers from all regions of Ukraine that are officially registered and wish to expand their sales channels.

The online platform is being developed as a web portal, which will contain a list of product certification bodies, a list of major agricultural product market participants, as well as structured and systematic information on the requirements of the main sales channels, such as:

  • Retail networks (both national and local);
  • HoReCa;
  • Traders;
  • Processors;
  • Distributors;

Possessing extensive expertise, the Association and its partners see it as a problem that a significant number of MSME manufacturers are virtually excluded from supply chains due to their ignorance of the market requirements that agricultural suppliers must comply with, including supplier registration requirements with local self-governments, product quality and traceability, pre-sale preparation, and packaging. These terms directly affect the mobility of manufacturers and their income.

As of today, due to the lack of information on market activity conditions, MSME manufacturers are forced to sell their products below market prices in local markets and often outside the official economy, despite the fact that farm and craft products are in high demand among consumers with medium and high-income level.

UBTA experts along with BRDO and USAID are confident that the creation of a single guidebook will open new opportunities for manufacturers, promote Ukrainian products and facilitate the transformation of food systems in terms of increasing the share of small and medium enterprises in Ukrainian food systems.

To make the online platform as useful and user-friendly as possible, UBTA is announcing the creation of a focus group of product manufacturers. This will allow us to take into account the needs and interests of potential users and make the platform as convenient and detailed as possible.

We invite potential users to join the study.

Focus group registration link: https://cutt.ly/5mp1ymZ

The number of participants is limited, registration is open until July 11 inclusively.

The platform launch is scheduled for autumn this year.