Nazar Bobitski: New EU course opens a "window of opportunities" for Ukraine


New economic priorities of the EU, in particular the European Green Deal, the concept of the EU strategic trade autonomy, the development of the internal market of digital technologies, can open Ukraine a unique "window of opportunities" for further European integration. But we can use it only by implementing a skillful approach and strategic vision. After all, the Association Agreement with the EU provides a possibility of revising the trade regulations in five years from the date of its entry into force. However, nothing in the Agreement obliges the parties to agree to such a review. And to make Brussels interested, Ukraine must be ready to form creative and asymmetrical counter-proposals and be the first to come up with such initiatives.

Nazar Bobitski, director of the Brussels office of the UBTA, shared his vision on how to do this in an expert column for the European Pravda:
"Ukrainian exporters should take the appropriate initiative, bringing together financial, intellectual, and lobbying resources. These resources should be aimed at ensuring a permanent professional presence of Ukrainian export business at the EU institutions in Brussels, a resource that will track, analyze trends in EU regulatory innovations, guide exporters and the government, formulate adaptation and response strategies. Ideally, it should create a resource on which the negotiating team of official Kyiv can rely on in a complex and long marathon of negotiations with the EU on the revision of the FTA. "

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